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The Breakup day

Apparently the most popular day for breakups so far is .

Data sourced from Twitter. Generation started on 11 October, 2014. Based on 9600 tweets/day.

Update April 29, 2015
A very special mention also goes out to February 14, 2015 which was very surprisingly, a high break-up volume event. I suppose it would have been very instructive to also compare the break-up count to the count of people getting together for a complete picture.

The current record of March 26 is actually fairly accurate as people tend to break-up when summer is around the corner (well in my experience anyways).

Update October 7, 2015
Unfortunately, it seems that due to a user error, I have lost data for the summer of 2015 which sucks as I was hoping to collect at least a year's worth of data :(