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Full-stack software engineering

Victor Parmar

Victor started programming in grade 6 when his mother decided that she didn't want him around during summer vacations. He was thus duly siphoned off to the first opportunity that came along, which happened to be a programming course with one other person (who quit soon after joining). Thus began his programming career with him wrapping his head around the reason for semi-colons in Pascal, usage of caps-lock in COBOL and the point of Wordstar. He only survived because the teacher would let him stay after class to play solitare on her pc.

About a decade and a half later, Victor graduated with a Master's in Bio-informatics from McGill University in 2010 and has done stints in the financial and telecommunications sectors, with experience ranging from large organizations to small start-ups since graduation. He is passionate about technology, problem solving and traveling. He also enjoys cooking, keeping fit and learning new languages (he's fluent in 3 and can barely get by in another 3).

Oh and he is finally friends with semi-colons.


Graduated from McGill


Full-time at Morgan Stanley


Full-time at PPLCONNECT


Full-time at Canoo Engineering AG / Karakun AG


I.T. R&D at the University Hospital Basel


User interface
UI/UX conception and design using bootstrap, inkscape and GIMP.
Web development
Full-stack development using Java, Javascript, Node.js, Angular, React, jQuery, Sass and pretty much everything that can be found on npm.
Software refactoring and professional mentoring.


A web-application to log workouts and track progress. Full stack development using React, Redux, Node.js and MySQL.
Time: 1 month
An e-learning platform for Radiologists featuring adaptive learning and automatic feature detection via ML algorithms. Full-stack development using React, Node.js, MySQL and hosted on Google cloud platform.
Time: 2 years
A standalone text index and search solution (similar to Apache Lucene) written in C++ with low Data fragmentation and good random write performance by using Google's levelDB storage library which itself uses Log-Structured Merge-Trees. A high performance query speed is achieved by using a compressed bitmap to store ordered documentIds via an indexing interface provided by a simple libEvent2 http server.
Time: 3 weeks
A simple symmetric encryption plugin for individual fields. The goal of this plugin is to encrypt data but still allow searching over fields with string values. This plugin relies on the Node crypto module. Encryption and decryption happen transparently during save and find.
Time: 2 days
A web-application to calculate the CoRisk score. This score is the probability of an unfavorable 3-month outcome for patients using Copeptin. Front-end development using React.
Time: 1 week
A firefox extension that allows you to submit the current tab url to HackerNews by opening the form submission in a new tab.
Time: 1 day
A simple logo commissioned for an android app.
Time: 2 days