Victor Parmar

Victor started programming in grade 6 when his mother decided that she didn't want him around during summer vacations. He was thus duly siphoned off to the first opportunity that came along, which happened to be a programming course with one other person (who quit soon after joining). Thus began his programming career with him wrapping his head around the reason for semi-colons in Pascal, usage of caps-lock in COBOL and the point of Wordstar. He only survived because the teacher would let him stay after class to play solitare on her pc.

About a decade and a half later, Victor graduated with a Master's in Bio-informatics from McGill University in 2010 and has done stints in the financial and telecommunications sectors, with experience ranging from large organizations to small start-ups since graduation. He is passionate about technology, problem solving and traveling. He also enjoys cooking, keeping fit and learning new languages (he's fluent in 3 and can barely get by in another 3).

Oh and he is finally friends with semi-colons.


Graduated from McGill


Full-time at Morgan Stanley


Freelance software development & consulting via SmallData


Full-time at PPLCONNECT


Full-time at Canoo Engineering AG


User interface

UI/UX conception and design using bootstrap, inkscape and GIMP.

Data Analytics

Data collection, analysis and visualization using mixpanel and d3.js.

Web development

Full-stack development using Java, Node.js, jQuery, less, react.js and pretty much everything that can be found on npm.



A web-application to log workouts and track progress! Full stack development using React, Redux, Node.js and MySQL.

Time: 1 month


A standalone text index and search solution (similar to Apache Lucene) written in C++ with low Data fragmentation and good random write performance by using Google's levelDB storage library which itself uses Log-Structured Merge-Trees. A high performance query speed is achieved by using a compressed bitmap to store ordered documentIds via an indexing interface provided by a simple libEvent2 http server.

Time: 3 weeks

Mace Logo

A simple logo commissioned for an android app

Time: 2 days