Vi cheatsheet sticker

I've been using vi for around 8 years and in all this time, I only ever used it to open a file, switch to the insert mode, edit text, save and quit (or discard changes and quit). Recently however, after reading a few inspirational articles I decided to finally try to grok vi as best as I could.

There are quite a few resources online on using vi including many printable cheatsheets but all of this requires a fixed workstation where one can refer to the cheatsheet as and when needed. Given that I mostly work on a laptop and that I had a decent amount of free real estate next to the touchpad, I decided to create a vi cheatsheet sticker:

This is how it looks on my home laptop :)

The following images can be used to print your own stickers. The images are in PNG format and all you need to do is right-click and save the images to your computer. You can then either print them out at home or get stickers made using a professional service. I can highly recommend StickerMule for their excellent quality and customer service. You can use this link for a $10 credit (disclaimer: I get a small credit as well).

A basic vi cheatsheet for programmers. Width: 10cm, Height: 7 cm.
An introduction to vi and modes. Width: 6cm, Height: 4cm.

Note that the image descriptions contain the sizes of the images in centimetres. It would be worthwhile to ensure that you have enough space on your laptop before you get the stickers made :)

I've been using the cheatsheet myself and it has helped me quite a lot in increasing my Vi skillz. I hope to create an advanced version soon but before I do that I'd love to have some feedback so please feel free to reach out. Happy editing!